Reading in the sunshine

Who we are

Toby and Alex met whilst teaching English at the largest secondary school in Cornwall. They share common beliefs and passions: both love teaching, writing, reading Literature and playing music. Both love the sea.

Alex began Babel Fish in 2011, combining his love of teaching English and surfing.  Alex understands that learning is not limited to the classroom, but is heightened by experience. Alex pursued his passion for surfing and teaching taking him from the South East, to the Canary Islands, and finally to Cornwall. Alex is interested in celebrating Cornish culture and in providing an experience that is culturally rich, educational and unforgettable. He attained his Cert TESOL in 1996, a degree in English Literature, and is an RLSS Beach Lifeguard, as well as an ISA Surf Instructor.

Toby is a teacher of English Language and Literature, a writer of music, poetry and prose. Like Alex, he left London for Cornwall, having attained a degree in Classics in 2001, a PGCE in Secondary English, and an MA in English Literature and Creative Writing. He has taught in Secondary Schools for many years and specialises in language analysis, academic writing, and how to excel in exams. Toby believes absolutely in unlocking potential in the individual. A lover of Literature and Cornish art and culture, Toby is intent on showcasing the Cornwall that is steeped in art and wild beauty.

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