What our EFL students say…

Laura, 25, Italy

I had the fantastic opportunity to visit Cornwall last July and to be the leader of an Italian group from Genoa. We spent two wonderful weeks with Alex and his team of Babelfish language school in Newquay where the students (aged from 11 to 18) used to go to school in the mornings and enjoy the various activities during the afternoons and the evenings. The best part of Babelfish School is that you get the chance to take part in extraordinary activities such as surfing and, my favourite, coasteering and visiting incredible places such as Towan beach, Fistral beach and Lanhydrock. The English lessons are fun and teachers are kind and prepared. Our students had the best time ever and they were really sad to leave! Definitely recommended! Hope to see you soon.

Yissel, 26, Spain

Thanks so much for everything! It has been an amazing time and really good experience. You are welcome to visit me in Valencia. I hope to visit Cornwall again because it is a really beautiful place! 

Take care and see you soon! Muchas Gracias!

Elfriede Matt (Mother of Anna, Lina and Lars)

I would like to thank you so much for having my kids Anna, Lina and Lars at your school. It was all perfect. They missed nothing. The families were perfect chosen for the three and they told me that all of you were very kind and friendly and tried all to make the time there as pleasant as possible for them. And also for the time I was there thank you for bringing us to the airport and being so kind to us. The kids told me they would come next year as well. So we will see.  

I wish you all the best with the school and your little family. I hope we will come back another time.

Chris, Berlin

Surprisingly, my kids (9 & 7) couldn’t decide whether they liked surfing or English more, and really enjoyed both. While his teaching skills are certainly above reproach, what really blew me away was the relaxed grace – and well-hidden effort – with which Alex and Debra made us feel very at home. And yep, Cornwall actually is as breathtakingly beautiful as the Babel Fish website implies. Chris (surfing) and Lilith & Mathis (surfing and English).

Stefano, 27, Italy

I spent 8 great days at Babel Fish Language School. Alex is a great teacher, all the lesson were very well planned and perfect to refresh and make my every-day spoken English better!!!! The English and surf combo is marvellous and helped me to improve in the water!!!! Beyond the professional aspect Alex is more than an English teacher and a surf instructor. I was lucky to meet him and understand what a great guy he is and how much he believes in what he does. With Babel Fish Language School you will live the definitive Cornish experience!!!!

Michele, 28, Italy

The right word for this school is UNIQUE. Unique is the school surrounded by greenery. Connected to a Beautiful Tea Garden, the student can relax with a cup of special tea and taste some delicious meals. Unique is Alex that with passion and competence is able to involve the student in many activities and improve his skills. Unique is the teaching method; not only frontal lessons but also escursions, surf, SUP, coasteering , golf, bowling and much more that allows the student to have fun and, at same time, it stimulates the student to speak in every moment in English with different people. Unique is Newquay and Cornwall. Wonderful Country for studying and have a holiday. I’m 28 and I was in Newquay for 7 weeks. I really hope next year I’ll get another time in Newquay. Thanks to this school I improve my English a lot and I meet amazing people with who I had a special experiences.

Manuel, 30, Germany

Forget everything you know about (normal) schools. Alex and his Babel Fish Language School are unique! It is more than just learning – it is like working focused on your English with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Even after class you do a lot of activities like surfing, golfing or explore the beautiful landscapes of the Newquay area. I’m 30 and I was looking for a possibility to refresh my rusty english for my job – Alex did a great job and I enjoyed my time. Thanks mate for everything – see you next year!

Hugo, 28, Switzerland

This school is amazing! I made six dream weeks. Thank you Alex!

Alexia, 30, France

Why would you spend three weeks in this damp, cold and miserable country, especially in the middle of nowhere? That’s my father’s reaction when I told him I had found an English school in Newquay. I was quite excited about this trip (I mean, having English lessons every morning and surf lessons every evening sounded very interesting), but also a little bit worried about my stay.

I was totally wrong.

The landscape is amazing there: green hills, large beaches, gorgeous cliffs and nice waves, the perfect combination for every outdoor lover! During afternoons and WE, I had the chance to go surfing, but also to run, to have yoga classes and to discover the interesting places all around Newquay with Alex and his wife Debra.

Even the weather was perfect during my stay as I had only two rainy days in three weeks! 

More than everything, I really improved my level in English. Alex perfectly understood my needs and helped me to focus on my weaknesses. We all know it, but there is nothing better than living with native speakers. As a result, spending this time in Deb and Alex’s lovely house, speaking English all day long, allowed me to reach a very high score at the TOEFL test.

I would warmly recommend Alex’s Babel Fish School to anybody who wants to improve his English while having a wonderful time in Cornwall!

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