Creative Writing Retreat

Cornwall has long since been the destination for writers and artists since railways stretched across our country. But Cornwall has become synonymous with clotted cream and pasties. And yet- the county offers the individual a window on the sublime. There is nothing like a crashing Atlantic swell at Sennen Cove nor the quiet emptiness of Bodmin moor. And whilst northern industrial towns celebrate and spurn their heritage, picture postcard tin mines veil a Cornish history beset by trial and tragedy. Indeed this polarity: great beauty – great darkness has been, and continues to be the inspiration for our greatest artists and greatest writers alike. We want to show you what they have stared at and share with you the environment that helped compel them to write.

Creative Writing Retreat

Our aim is to provide you with the best environment for you to create. We know that modern life often precludes creating; life is often too systemic and functional. Our creative retreats aim to remove you from functional, every day experience and provide you with space, time, guidance and the opportunity to re-engage with what is around you in order that you can plot your own coordinates and embark on our own journey.

No two retreats are the same.

With our fully inclusive Creative Writing Retreats you can expect guidance, tutorials, workshops and a host of creative and inspiring activities including painting, cookery classes, tai-chi, walking, water based activities (depending on interest/ability).

Bolthole Retreats

A more independent experience in a remote Cornish cottage with access to 6 hours guidance and tutorials. Allow yourself the time and space to read, walk, be inspired and write.

We do offer anything in between, please contact us for more information.


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