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Switch off your phone. Turn wifi off.

Just about every creative pursuit is now in some way tied to commercial profit. Whether you are a musician or writer, painter or cook, there is a projected commercial end-point. This commercial apotheosis functions in opposition to the creative process. We do not write or create with money in mind. We begin expressing ourselves because we are inspired to do so, and fundamentally not because we see monetary gain.

We do not profess ourselves to be engineers of your professional artistic pursuit. There are no publishing deals to be had here, we are not the architects of your economic future. But we offer the conditions for you to create, and pursue self-expression. Whether that is painting, writing poetry or prose, writing songs or cooking. We promise to create the environment that will enable you to unlock your creativity away from the traffic of modern life.

We understand that creating art, music or poetry demands that we extract ourselves from the daily grind and gaze in to nature and in to ourselves. It is our intention above all to foster and nurture your creative spark. Your being able to express yourselves is our pursuit, and this journey must not be muddied by the promise of wealth. Expression is determined by language. We aim to foster its unlocking. We want to create the best conditions for your chosen creative pursuit in order that you might find the words or the brush strokes or the melody that will unlock what you want to say about being alive. Whatever your creative needs, get in touch. We’ll make it work.

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