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This week, we hand our blog over to one of last year’s independent students, Noemi Kriz, to share her experience of a Babel Fish summer, in her own words.

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My stay in Newquay with Babel Fish was amazing.

For me, the school was perfect and what I was searching for. I chose the “Surf and Study” programme. That means lessons in the morning and surfing in the afternoon. On top, we had activities in the evening and on the weekend I got to know the regions around Newquay with the team or my host family. PHOTO 2020 01 15 11 36 43 2      PHOTO 2020 01 15 11 36 45 2 PHOTO 2020 01 15 11 36 45

I had contact with Alex (one of the school owners) before my stay in England and he chose the perfect host family for me which was also addicted to surfing like me. Hannah and Clyde (where I stayed for 4 weeks) were super friendly, the house was extremely clean and they cooked really good food.

The school is very small which means that sometimes we were in classes of 5 students which makes the lessons much more intense.

Toby, my teacher there, was super open-minded and interested in everybody and everybody’s opinion.

In his lessons he tries to show everybody the universe of language and the power of it and how important and beautiful language can be.

In that way he helped me to understand how English people use their language.

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When I arrived in England I felt really unsure about and with my English skills, but now I really love the language and I will definitely come back to this school and this beautiful town.

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The activities in the evening have been always super funny and, by the way, without realizing you get to know the language more and more.

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In one word: it has been awesome.

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