Host for Babel

What is hosting?

Hosting means welcoming someone into your home, offering them a comfortable and friendly place to stay, good food and warm company.
Students stay three nights and up to six months! But the average is 1-2 weeks.
You can decline to host for any reason: you are under no obligation whatsoever.

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Why do we place students with hosts?

We believe...

Non-native speakers learn a new language more quickly when they immersed in it.
We find students improve their English more quickly when they stay with hosts and attend class.
And...we believe local people are best placed to enthuse about Cornwall and share British culture.

Become a host...

What do you need to become a host?


We come to your home to run through our paperwork.

We explain the process of applying for an Enhanced Certificate through the DBS (we do this for you, but it does mean an initial outlay).

Discuss acquiring a Gas Safety Certificate.


We take your home and personal details and record these on our database, to be matched with student

We create a ‘Host Profile’ for you

We call you/ email explain the dates and which course the student is enrolled on.

You confirm or pass on the placement.

Before the student arrives you will be sent their profile including age, name, course and any dietary requirements.

They will be sent your Host Profile (independent students only).

You will receive their arrival time in advance and will be there to greet them.

You’re paid at the end of the week for one week stays or every two weeks for longer stays. 

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