Primary Workshops

Our primary literacy workshops are designed to make language alive in the learning. Our pupil focussed programmes are designed to provide pupils with reading and writing strategies that will enable a better understanding of language, spelling and grammar. We explore the potential of language to enable original and imaginative expression.

Reading Masterclass

Frequently the decoding of text detracts from meaning. We are all sometimes guilty of rapidly reading text without understanding what is meant. Our reading masterclass addresses this issue. Not only do we explore the wonder of stories, but we explore how stories are constructed, paying particular attention to the ways language operates; we find out about grammar rules, phonology, metaphor and structure, and all through delighting in the story. The story is king.

Suitable for: Years 5 and 6

Creative Writing

Ensuring your students achieve their very best in their writing is no easy task. Our writing workshops aim to better enable pupils in creating atmosphere, narrative and drama. The techniques the pupils will learn are employed by professional writers. Pupils will learn how to create authentic action and they’ll really love the experience of being in control.

Suitable for: Years 5 and 6

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