GCSE Tuition at Babel Fish

GCSE Workshops

We provide practical workshops and strategies that aim to give students the extra assistance that might just swing the balance. The new GCSE is particularly challenging for Year 11s. Their futures depend upon doing well this summer.

Stretch and Challenge in Literature

Learning poetry and texts by heart is important but is not even half the battle. Understanding how writers express themselves, the methods they use and the contexts they wrote in, better enable confident responses to texts. In our Literature workshops the text is central, but so too the process of analysis. We will provide students with exemplars of analytical excellence and toolkits that will help them for the exams to come.

Language analysis at the Grade 9

Analysing language and structure in the new GCSE exams will require process. Indeed, analysing language and achieving a Grade 9 is no easy task. Employing advanced analytical techniques, using academic essay process and reading strategy is a must if pupils want to achieve the best possible grade. Knowing what is required, and planning on doing well, paves the road to success. We provide practical strategies for students wishing to excel in English.

Ensuring the 5

Achieving the Grade 5 is the national benchmark. Its attainment will take sound knowledge and skill. We provide practical guidance and analytical strategies, as well as step by step guides for each question in the exam. We also offer guidance for the writing sections of both language papers which will enable original and imaginative writing. Frequently examination boards complain that students employ the same writing processes. We can provide strategies that buck the trend.

Victorian Context

Not only does the government require all GCSE students to write developed responses about Victorian texts that they have studied, but students are also required to comment on Victorian texts that they have never seen. We provide masterclasses in Victorian context and practical strategies that help students write about the way circumstance informs ideas.

Original Writing

All GCSE students must write imaginatively and under pressure. Out of necessity many students are taught formulae to write descriptively or persuasively. However, exam markers have become increasingly frustrated with recognisable plans. Our workshops are designed to help students create original writing, and do so in a way that alleviates exam stress, and helps them to take control of their writing and enjoy creating without the threat of failure.

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