We offer GCSE and A Level revision courses

A Level course

English A Level Literature and Language courses. The A Level determines futures. Our courses are designed to address the threats that not achieving poses. We provide individuals with tailored and focused tuition, as well as strategies that enable the top grades. The study of A Level Literature requires more than a working knowledge of just one text. As such, we select a range of relevant Literature as well exploring the nuances of the AQA set texts. We provide contextual knowledge that informs responses to texts, and we look critically at the ways in which writers manipulate established literary methods in order to arrest their readers. We provide strategies that will help students produce critical and argumentative essays that demonstrate deft understanding of texts.

At the end of the course we provide beginner and intermediate surf instruction. Whilst our service is to provide a deliberate and focused revision course, we want each student to know that there are rewards for success along the road.


1 day course (including lunch) – £225

2 day course (including lunch) – £400

3 day course (including lunch) – £525

2 day course with accommodation and meals – £460

3 day course with accommodation and meals (145)- £600

We ensure that classes sizes are limited to 9 students.

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or call: 07870665472

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