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Our school was founded on a love of surfing and of teaching English. For the last decade we have turned students into friends … and into surfers! (Read more about our school’s origins here.)

But we recognise, especially at this moment in time, visiting a new country, meeting new people, trying a new sport might seem daunting.

But Babel Fish is all about welcoming you, keeping you safe and making your decision to learn with us absolutely worth it.

Join Alex on his commute to the beach where we will teach you to surf: Great Western in Newquay. We think our school’s home is a pretty special place. Do you agree?

If you choose to learn English and to surf with Babel Fish you get the exhilaration and excitement of discovering a new skill and a new sport with the assurance it’s:

a) with a small team of qualified EFL teachers – and a qualified lifeguard and surf instructor (Alex)

b) in a Covid-safe space (our small, private school)

c) on an amazing beach in the home of British surfing

Surf and study course take off

Sometimes the hardest step is the first: especially across a border, or into a new element like the sea.

But, we promise you this: the rewards outweigh any risk.

Dive into your studies and into the surf with Babel Fish: we’re taking bookings for September 2021 now…

Alex Trumble

Director, teacher, surfer, food-lover, guitarist.