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Bildungsurlaub Brilliance

Germinating great study-travel opportunities Without getting into a host of tired cultural stereotypes, there are many reasons to love Germany. Many Brits clearly feel the same, as the country is our sixth favourite holiday destination (according to the ONS). The Babel Fish team are particularly keen to get out there – Berlin, in particular, looks […]

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Flying Fish? New London routes to Newquay announced!

As a region, we celebrate our relative isolation and the special sense of place this brings to us in the far South West. Our location means that we rely on an efficient and robust transport network to help us get across the Tamar…whether by road, rail or air. Locomotiv-ation The train route into the county […]

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Things that make us go ‘Mmmm’: Four Fab Feb Outings

It can feel like winter is never-ending – and with two fairly brutal storm systems blasting Cornwall this week, the season seems in little hurry to give way to spring. At this time of year, the instinct is to hunker down and hibernate. But, here at Babel Fish, we’re appreciating the first shoots of the […]

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Pilcher Perfect

Whilst Cornwall is commonly associated with certain literary figures – Du Maurier’s Rebecca, Graham’s Poldark – one of the county’s most successful novelists is not even a household name in Britain. Yet her novels and their antecedents bring in almost a quarter of a million visitors to the county each year. We’re talking, of course, […]

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Living next to the sea is something we never take for granted. In fact, the sea and the wilderness around it, inform our study programmes… Far and Wild As well as Surf & Study, we run courses for adults which take our English lessons on the road. We head out to the wild ends of […]

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Our students agree… There’s no better way to kick-start your day than a decent cup of coffee or to recharge post-surf than with a good bit of grub. So, here’s the Babel Fish team’s favourite foodie haunts in Newquay. Lakeside Cafe This bright and airy cafe sits in the same gardens as our school and […]

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“On the first day of Christmas, language learning gave to me: a lovely trip to It-a-ly…” Al has embraced the advent season with a little ‘advent’ure: opening some new doors and visiting old friends over in Italy.  As well as independent adult and teens, our school welcomes Italian school groups in the summer season – all […]

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Low Pressure Grooves

Bad weather for a while now in Cornwall: a period of low pressure has smudged our skylines and dimmed our usually azure horizons.  Luckily, this week has seen the waves clean up a bit, but the rain and dirge has continued.  “Alexa. Play: ‘California Dreamin’’.” Obsessed as we are by the weather, we’re trying not […]

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Winter Waves


After a beautifully hectic summer here in Newquay, we’re feeling the first of the winter’s storms blast our coastline. Perfect for the kite-surfers, but too messy most of the last week for anyone else.  Has anyone managed to get in the water this week? It’s all about the winter suit and boots from here on in.

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