After touring Turin and Milan earlier this month (which you can read about here ), Al’s Italian adventure continued at altitude as he took off to the mountains with good friend, Michele.

Surfer, surgeon and adventurer, Mike came to Babel Fish for three months back in 2016 and, as so often happens, our students become life-long friends. Whenever Al and Mike meet, whether in Italy or the UK, there’s always good food and adventure involved. This trip was no exception.

Pizza Italian Passion

You’re not in Italy until you eat pizza – and the best pizza is made by an Italian with a 270 year-old mother yeast.



Mike + Mountains = Magic

This time around saw a trip to Valle d’Aosta for a snowshoe hike in the mountains and overnight
and stay in an ‘agriturismo’ – or farm-stay.

This one – La Ferme du Grand Paradis in Valnontey, Cogne – was the epitome of the warm Italian welcome and most beautiful food: all sourced from the farm itself.

The menu was a smorgasbord of awesomeness: salami, fondu, polenta and beef stew and a liqueur with every course.


The flavours linger on the taste-buds; the vistas on the inner-eye.

A presto, Italia.

…If you’d like to see who Al visited in Italy, check out Marco and Dani and also last week’s blog 🙂